How to order

This guide describes how you may order one or more of our books. We can deliver to anywhere in Greece with cash-on-delivery or payment by bank deposit and to anywhere abroad with payment by means of the latter method. There is always the alternative of purchasing directly from our book shop: Bakatselou 9 and Ioustinianou, 546 31 Thessaloniki. Tel.-Fax: 0030 2310 253200, . It will be our pleasure to make your acquaintance and be of service.

Each of our books has a five-figure code shown before its title in our on-line or hard-copy catalogue. Upon receiving these codes together with your contact details via fax or e-mail, we will get in touch to arrange your preferred method of payment and delivery. Alternatively, directly through our web-site, you may select titles and send us your contact details.

Use of the on-line shopping basket

Beside each title is the icon "Add to shopping basket". Each time you click on this icon, the corresponding title is added to the shopping basket and the number of items in the basket increases by one, as is shown below:

Adding items to the basket
Illustration 1. Adding items to the basket

At any time, you may view your shopping basket to see which titles you have added so far and the total cost. Viewing the content of your basket also enables you to remove titles from it or even empty it completely as shown below:

Displaying the shopping basket
Illustration 2. Displaying the shopping basket

By clicking on "Check-out", you will be asked for your payment details. At this point, you will be given the opportunity to review your order again:

Confirmation of order
Illustration 3. Confirmation of order

Fill in your details to enable us to contact you and click on "Confirm". We will receive your order directly and a copy will be sent to the e-mail address you provide.

Should you encounter any sort of problem, e-mail us at: .